Why choose STRONGMAN?

We are manufacture of Ice Making Machine more than 40 years. 

We insistent to committed and development since 1972 to present for improve our products and services to be international standard. It has been trusted by our enterprises customer, government, private club, school, hotel, restaurant and including 10,000 large industrials.  


"STRONGMAN" Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your business.




Our Quality Policy.

The quality policy is primary objective in our business which focuses on the key factor that meet the needs of our customer in the following:

• Standard Products  • Fast Services  • With Development  • For Customers Satisfied


International Standard Quality

  • Use high quality and international standard materials.
  • Use the electric parts and compressor for the best power saving.
  • Use the safe refrigerant and good for environment.
  • Not use the Lead in any production process.
  • International Standard with ISO 9000.
  • THAILAND TRUSTED MARK certificate.


Fast Services

  • We provide the emergency repair within 4-6 hours.
  • We have all machine parts for immediate use.


One Stop Services for Ice Making Machine.

  • We have several options in different sizes and capacity of the ice from 25kg - 6,000kg with cube-shaped, cup-shaped and flake ice depending on your business.
  • You can choose the ice making machine for cube-shaped, cup-shaped and flake ice depending on your business.
  • We provide the related equipments such as water filter, tanks, freezer, refrigerator, ice bag, bag sealer machine.

Flexible plan for your business.

              We offer the flexible option by pay later after installation. The payment could divide in 3 periods depending on your liquidity of finance.


ROI per unit.

              You investment is extremely important to us. We provide the consultant in selection the ice making machine that suitable for your business.


Quality of the ice.

              The STRONGMAN Ice Making Machine produce the ice with pure, clean and hygienic. The size and weight of the ice are absolutely the same and certified by an expert in the production.


For the customers satisfaction

              Our business is insistent to committed for customer's satisfaction in any dimension and we will serve your business forever.”

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your business.

• Cheaper   • Cost Saving   • Worthiness   • Durable   • Budget Controllable   • Must STRONGMAN


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