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We are manufacturer and distributor of ice making machine "STRONGMAN" with experiences more than 40 years. The "STRONGMAN" is the Thailand's first ice machine manufacturer with high product quality. Our great services are focus on customers' needs and combined with continued product development make our ice making machine "STRONGMAN" has won the trust of entrepreneurs and consumers in many years.

Company History

Year 1972  :  Company was founded and manage by Mrs. Wilai Sutthanaporn the owner. The company located near the bridge Sanghi (Thonburi) provided products such as ice  making machine, fridge freezer and all the electrical products.
Year 1974 - 1975  :  Business expansion by establishing a manufacture to produce the ice making machine under the brand "STRONGMAN". This is the first time of ice making machine can be manufactured in Thailand. Also established a business icehouse unit operated wholesaling and retailing the ice under brand "Ice VL" and "Panda".
Year 1983 : Mrs. Wilai Sutthanaporn was expanded the production and distribution throughout the country under the brand "STRONGMAN" to support the expansion of the customers and the market demands because the ice making machine business has grown and expanded rapidly and moved the factory to Lat Pla Khao road.

Year 1997 : The economy crisis "Tom Yum Goong" in Thailand makes so many unemployed people. The company has figured out how to help the society by produce a solid lead for distribution in the community. It has been a great responded. This is makes our products has won the "Thailand Product of the Year 2540 (CONSUMER'S CHOICE AWARD 1997)".
Year 1998 - 2013 : We have focused on products and services development coupled with productivity expansion to meet the customers needs. This is make our products earned the trust of clients both in the public organization, private business and foreign customers. In this period we were : 
- Registered as an exporter of manufactured ice making machine with Thailand Department of Export for expanding our business to the oversea market.
- Warranty Expending Service after the previous warranty ended.
- Provided rental service for ice making machine both short term and long term.
- 5S activity to improved the company operation.
- Qualified ISO 9001 from UKAS  by Bureau Veritas Certification ( Thailand ) Ltd.
- Joined the member of The Office of SMEs Promotion (OSMEP).
- Joined the member of Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan) and Business Matching in the "Group of Ice Making Machine Manufactory" to improve our company personnel by joining the seminar and improve overall of the company performance.
-Another proud of our "STRONGMAN" that we were qualified for a symbol TTM (Thailand Trusted Mark) on the products to verify that "STRONGMAN" is the high quality products and excellent service throughout the selection and examination from the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand. This will help the customer's decision on the high quality products and great services.

Our Team



From The Director

STRONGMAN was established over 40 years ago because Thailand has to import ice making machine from abroad which is very high price including electrical parts and cooling equipment are imports very limited. This is the causes of an obstacle to the development of this industry.

I am Wilai Sutthanaporn and our team have the sincere commitment to development our products and services continuously and steadily with care. For the benefit of customers and the value of life and the environment.

"We will stand with your side for the society forever."

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